Samsung Ativ S System: hardware, software and service

The display of the Samsung S Ativ with its diagonal of 4.8 inches, a resolution of 1.280×720 pixels and a pixel density of 314 PPI is similar to the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Despite our use, longer-Pentile matrix, which is also available on the Samsung Galaxy S3, the display of the Samsung S Ativ is sharp enough; a staircase effect can be in black letters on a white background guess most, if you look very closely.

In addition, the excellent responsive inputs Touchscreen Windows Phones provides the test the AMOLED typical advantages such as deep blacks, high contrast and vivid colours and can also be seen from oblique angles still good, but AMOLED typically very slightly bluish and not so bright such as the LCD2 the competition model HTC 8X. With its size, the display of Ativ S is ideal for mobile surfing on websites, playing games or for playing slideshows or videos.

As if the HTC 8 X, the Nokia Lumia 920, and the Samsung is Ativ S in a test in the 28-nanometer process, produced Qualcomm chipset Snpadragon-S4-Plus series clocked with 1.5 GHz dual-core processor a 1-gigabyte memory driven. The Snapdragon S4 Plus chip MSM8260A in Samsung Ativ S and HTc 8X differs only in the modem from the Nokia Lumia 920 working MSM8960. It is unlike the two competing models, the Nokia Lumia 920 LTE (Long Term Evolution) , Samsung Ativ S provides maximum HSPA + with up to 42 megabits per second downstream. The performance every three smartphones are almost equal, the show of AnTuTu and the WP Bench benchmark that provide both guidelines for the performance of CPU, GPU and memory of smartphones.

The operating system is Windows Phone 8 installed on the Samsung Ativ S in the test. Manufacturer Samsung had publicly the late launch of its first WP8 phones – it came out end of January 2013 to be justified with software problems and should the delayed launch in fact due to performance issues – and thus almost three months after the Nokia Lumia 920 in the shops, then the decision of the manufacturer was right.

As with the Nokia Lumia 920 or the HTC 8X the system running quickly and smoothly even in 3D games and applications open quickly. In addition, the Portico update with build number 10211 is already installed on the Samsung Ativ S in the test.